Hello, is your K-8 child struggling or in need of a challenge? 


“Sherri is a ‘Swiss army knife’, an invaluable educator who can do it all without losing her warm smile and positive, calm demeanor. She made the hard work fun by utilizing a deep toolbox of educational games and techniques. Thank you for everything Sherri!”~ Parent of Third Grader

“When my daughter was getting dressed this morning (to go see Sherri), she said she was putting her smiley socks on because, “Sherri is always cheerful.” ~Parent of Second Grader

I would like to help.  I specialize in reading, writing, spelling, and math remediation and acceleration. I help kids get caught up, maintain their skills, and / or get ahead. Whatever your goals may be for your child, I have the background and experience to assist you in developing a plan for your child’s success.  I draw my inspiration from my 30+ years of classroom teaching, from my role as a learning specialist for seven years on a Student Services Team, and of course from my Masters in Education and decades of extensive professional development.  I utilize neuroscience-based teaching and learning strategies.  For parents who are looking for an academic coach for their child, I offer that service in person and online.  I work with students to help them recognize successful strategies they are using across the curriculum, as well as help them learn new ones that will support them in the academic areas that give them trouble.

The parent testimonials, further down this page, give you a glimpse of how I work with families.  It’s been such an honor to have the trust and appreciation of so many children and families over the years.

I can work directly with your child or I can work behind the scenes on your child’s behalf.  I provide parent consultations and collaboration with your child’s school and other specialists to make sure there is a consistent academic plan in place across all areas of support. Let me do the footwork with or for you.  I understand the complex systems of schools.

I encourage you to take a peek at the side bar displaying my education and extensive professional development.  I provide lessons in Seattle and Shoreline.  Once a rapport and routine is well established, some students transition well into an online tutoring format with me. This method is decided on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact me for more information on rates and availability depending on location and other specific needs: 206 472 2007




 ~We hired Sherri to help our dyslexic daughter learn how to read. The results have been dramatic. Now, reading is one of our daughter’s favorite pastimes. After a trip to the library or bookstore, she triumphantly returns with a pile of books, which she is eager to consume. Our daughter’s schoolteachers often take note of her strong vocabulary and confident grasp of complex texts. Given where our daughter started, and the significant hurdles she faced, we could not be happier with the outcome.  Throughout the process, Sherri was patient and supportive. She made the hard work fun by utilizing a deep toolbox of educational games and techniques. We continue to work with Sherri on other subjects, such as mathematics and writing. Sherri is a “swiss army knife”, an invaluable educator who can do it all without losing her warm smile and positive, calm demeanor. Thank you for everything Sherri!

~ We feel so fortunate to have had Sherri tutor our daughter for the last year. Ever since Kindergarten my daughter hated writing but was well over her grade for reading. There seemed to be a disconnect. We finally tested at the start of the 1st grade and found out that although she was reading well she didn’t have a good grasp of the basics of writing and letter sounds. Sherri was so patient and made writing, which was once a daunting chore, fun! Our daughter is now writing stories and her confidence is up. I could not be happier. It seems a miracle that a year ago my daughter hated writing so much she left assignments undone and now is writing up a storm and enjoying it! Sherri was also great communicating our daughter’s progress and was so easy to work with. A true professional with a golden heart. We are forever grateful!  ~Wendy B.

~ I cannot express how the tutoring with Sherri has helped my son. He has a new sense of confidence about his abilities. He knows that if he takes his time he can generally sound out the words and if he is unsure about the meaning he can ask. He has started 4th grade this year looking forward to it and in the first week actually enjoyed writing a story. We had completed the two books with Sherri over the summer and when asked if he wanted to be done he said no. He recognizes how much working with Sherri has helped him and he wants to continue so that he does not fall behind again this year. He will always need to focus and work on his reading and writing but now he knows that he can do it and he no longer thinks he’s just stupid. He understands he has a disability but with work he can overcome that issue. While I don’t think he loves school or school work, he no longer dreads it and for us that is a huge Milestone. ~Sincerely,  Colleen

~Sherri was our child’s teacher and helped us identify his dyslexia. An all around lovely person, Sherri was so positive and nurturing of our child. Her many years’ experience with brain-based learning differences and talent with normalizing every child’s differences in the classroom by having tools at the ready to ensure their success is just what young children need in their learning specialist.  ~ Kristi Helgeson, parent of gifted/dyslexic/2E,  life coach & co-producer “The Super d! Show” 

~Sherri is an excellent teacher. Her calm, positive demeanor put my student at ease and enabled him to work to his potential. He may not realize how transformative this time was, but as his parent I could see the change in confidence regarding his academic and social abilities as a result of Sherri’s nurturing guidance. Her teaching toolbox includes a variety of skills and depths of knowledge, allowing Sherri to adapt to each student’s needs and alter her approach when necessary. I highly recommend Sherri for any elementary student looking to improve their academic skills.   ~ Parent  

~Sherri, You are always “on” and fully present during tutoring. We really appreciate how keen you are to what my children need to learn and practice to help them improve in their literacy skills.  Thank you!  Lisa

~Sherri has a warm rapport and is a highly effective teacher and tutor.  She tailors her lessons to meet the individual learning styles and instructional needs of her students.  With her years of experience and extensive training in research based programs, like Orton Gillingham, Lindamood-Bell, and Wired for Reading, she is able to plan learning strategies that help her students, including those with learning disabilities, find success in their schoolwork.   ~ Jackie B. former Lower School Head


Dear Sherri, 

As a result of working with you, my son is thriving. He enthusiastically applies reading strategies that you have taught and reports feeling well-prepared for group discussions.  He is excited about large, long-term projects and easily spends the appropriate time to create a product of which is he is proud. 

Prioritizing building trust with my son facilitated your success.  Because you attended to his level of comfort in his relationship with you and jointly developed goals for your work together, he readily invested himself.   Referring to yourself as his coach, he learned by observing you model your thinking aloud.  Rather than telling him what or how to proceed, you asked him if he wanted more information or guidance when he confronted a challenging topic or task.   

As a former teacher with expertise in age and grade level appropriate development, you identified priority areas for your tutoring.  You deduced why he struggled with specific assignments because of your understanding of his challenges. You recognized that as a gifted child, he is able to engage in more sophisticated content, but struggled to independently read it. 

In addition to supporting my son as a student, you have provided me with insightful feedback and concrete suggestions to do between tutoring, to help bring up his reading level. 

With immense gratitude,



Dear Sherri, Thank you for working with my son. Your flexibility regarding his ADHD related needs ensures your success. As much as possible, to help make the repetitive nature of the practice he needs more interesting, you use a variety of methods and materials. I appreciate your whole-child approach in which you aim to get to know, see, respect, nurture and teach each student.  

You constantly watch for ways to bring kids on board with their own learning and encourage them to advocate for themselves.  By taking the time to understand the teaching styles to which my son has been exposed in the past, you provide him with eclectic, customized support drawing on your expertise. By collaborating with his teachers and reading specialist, you compliment and reinforce his overall education goals.  You encourage him to bring his schoolwork to your tutoring sessions and invite him to talk about what is giving him trouble because this gives you new insights into how you can help him overall.  

I appreciate the support that you provide to me as a parent.  You read all of the informal and standardized assessment evaluations about my son, digested the recommendations, and enabled me to see the forest, whereas I was previously lost in the trees. I value your willingness to attend school meetings and pose appropriate follow-up questions.  You also helped me select an appropriate summer intensive reading program for my child.

Again, thank you so much for helping my son become a stronger, more self-reliant student.  ~ Sincerely,  Michelle

“Sherri is a true professional.  We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a tutor for their child.   She brought great thought and discipline to her assessment of our son’s needs and how to best support him.  She communicated well with us and his teacher, providing detailed observations on our son’s progress and challenges and proposing revisions to the tutoring plan as she thought appropriate.  She has a wealth of skills and experiences to draw on, which kept her tutoring sessions (and our at-home practice) relevant, interesting and productive for our son.”